Indigenous community based sustainable management Chimbuk hill forest
Implementing Entity : Humanitarian Foundation
Location : Chimbuk belt, Bandarban
Duration : June’09 - Sep’14
Budget : BDT 1, 07, 14,442
Objectives :
  • Capacity building of selected indigenous communities and organize to participate in community based conservation of the landscape and forest resources in the Chimbuk Belt
  • Restore the forest resources in the selected indigenous communities
  • Development of institutional mechanism for conservation and sustainability of the community forest

  • Constructed community House at Empu para
  • Registered Kapru para VCF at the cooperative
  • 11 acres out of 24 acres has been afforested in the degraded area
  • Water flow in the VCFs has been increased.
  • 97 families living in and around the VCFs have been brought under IGA programme
  • Planted 700 plants of 14 endangered rare native spices, like Telsur, Gorjon, Satium, Udol, Uriam etc.
  • Demarcated boundary of 200 acre at Kapru para VCF by brick pillars
  • Increased biodiversity of the VCFs.
  • Developed management plan for Kurang para and Empu para community.
  • Designed and distributed awareness raising materials such as, flip chart, billboard, and posters in the selected area
  • Major progress/achievements:

Total area under project (acre)


Number of project participants:


Amount of RLF (BDT):


AF’s contribution


Community’s contribution


Present RLF amount revolving


Number of IGAs:


Major IGAs offered

Hybrid papaya tree plantation, Banana tree plantation, ginger and turmeric cultivation

Number of trees planted


Within forest


Within homestead


Major trees planted (local name)

Parul, Bhotta, Civit, Chapalish, Chikrasi, Boilam, Gutgutya, Arjun, Champaful

Contact : Birbahadur Tripura, Project coordinator
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