Swamp Forest Restoration (SFR) in Sunamgan district
Implementing Entity : Center for Natural Resource Studies (CNRS)
Location : Gobindapur Hijol-Koroch bagh, Laxanshree, Sunamganj Sadar and Rahimapur-Hariharpur Hijol-Koroch bagh, Beheli and Sachna Bazar, Jamalganj, Manikkhila Hijol-Koroch bagh, South Sripur, Tahirpur, Jiragtahirpur Hijol-Koroch bagh, Fatehpur, Bishombhorpur, North Shahpur Hijol-Koroch bagh, Sunamganj
Duration : June’09 - March’17
Budget : BDT 1, 08, 97,100
Objectives :
  • To promote community-based restoration and management of swamp forests in the haor basin
  • To regenerate awareness and build capacity of communities including relevant stakeholders on the protection and conservation of swamp forests for the healthy nature and sustainable livelihoods
  • To influence national policy, process and structures in favor of restoration and protection of swamp forests and conservation of biodiversity
Progress/Achievement (as of June’14)

  • Formed and registered 2 community based organizations
  • Accessed 10 years contractual lease of 109.63 acres (44.39 ha.) of land at Rahimapur-Hariharpur Hijol-Koroch swamp forest from district administration
  • Restored two semi degraded swamp forests by planting 44,984 swamp species with survival rate 69.21%
  • Promoted community people for homestead plantation by 12560 fruit, wooden, economical and medicinal saplings with survival rate 95.69%
  • Accomplished systematic commercial cultivation of 4.5 acres cane cultivation
  • Increased total HHs income in agriculture by 152%
  • Improved overall economic condition of the participants to 70% from 13%
  • Conducted systematic trial of intercropping at Kanda
  • Established two small scale nurseries
  • Introduced Ipil-Ipil and Napier grass as cattle fodder
  • Conducted measurement of biomass/carbon, CO2
  • Developed biodiversity (plant) monitoring database software
  • Constructed CBO office at Rahimapur-Hariharpur site
  • Conductioned a study on present situation and impact analysis of existing and degraded swamp forests in Sunamganj district
  • Major progress/achievements:

Total area under project (ha)


Number of project participants:


Number of groups/CBOs:


Most profitable IGAs offered (descending order)

Homestead gardening, duck rearing, cow rearing, fish trading, small business

Number of trees planted


Within forest


Within homestead


Major trees planted

Koroch, Hijol, Murta, Arjun, Jarul, Kadam, Raintree

Number of ICS provided


Contact : Muhammad Shafiqul Islam, Team Leader
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