Restoration and conservation of biodiversity in the denuded hills of Banskhali, Chittagong
Implementing Entity : Dhaka Ahsania Mission
Location : Sadhanpur, Sadhanpur Beat & Kalipur, Kalipur Beat, Kalipur Range of Chittagong South Forest Division.
Duration : November’09 – March’17
Budget : BDT 60, 00,000
Objectives :
  • Reduce anthropogenic pressure on the denuded hills of Banshkhali to allow natural regeneration
  • Establish a functional model for collaborative management of the Banshkhali Denuded Hills
  • Strengthen the institutional structures and functions of the Co- Management Council and Co-Management Committee as envisaged under the Collaborative Management Model and capacity building of the Council and Committee members for project sustainability Regeneration of the Forest Cover and Conservation of Biodiversity
  • Create alternative livelihood opportunities for the forest-dependent poor and extreme poor people to reduce pressure on the hills and allow natural regeneration.
Progress/Achievement (as of June’14)

  • Helped Forest-dependent poor people (target beneficiaries of the project) to organize and develop their own self-managed, accountable institutions (30 groups and 2 Union Federations) to undertake collective social actions to claim their rights and entitlements.
  • Positive contribution made towards reducing carbon emission through distribution of fuel efficient low carbon emitting ovens—Bondhu Chula-- (over 810 sets) among the target beneficiaries.
  • Promoted homestead plantation through distribution of seedlings (10,300) of traditional timber and fruit bearing trees among the target beneficiaries.
  • Assisted development of nurseries as one of the income generating enterprises and thereby also helped in the promotion of homestead plantation.
  • Promoted livelihoods alternative to forest resource extractions through financial intermediation (microfinance with a variation) managed by the Federations.
  • Provided training on enterprises for which financial support has been extended to the beneficiaries so as to ensure better return on investment.
  • Developed Eco-clubs for school students and held regular educational sessions.
  • Enhanced community awareness through deliberation by religious leaders, distribution of leaflets and pamphlets, loud speaker announcements, rallies and bill board setting in strategic locations.
  • Established Co-management model and ensured formation of Co-management Committee to help forest and bio-diversity conservation as per government-set procedures and rules.
  • Provided tube-wells for supply of safe water and also distributed 128 sets of sanitary latrine to ensure safe disposal of excrete thereby reduce spread of water-borne and parasitic diseases.
  • Reduced mobility to the hills for resource extraction by over 50% through continuous motivation and awareness raising followed by financial support for alternative livelihoods.
  • Capacity building training given to staff on a regular basis to enhance their managerial and technical competencies.
Contact : Abdur Rakib, Programme Coordinator

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