Restoration & Conservation of Biodiversity in Singra National Park
Implementing Entity : Bangladesh Forest Department, RDRS Bangladesh(NGO) and Co-Management Council
Location : Thakurgaon Range, Dinajpur Forest Division
Duration : June’ 09 - December’14
Budget : BDT 10,557,000
Objectives :
  • Restoration and conservation of the remaining Sal forests and the bio-diversity resources (flora, fauna) thereof
  • Establishment of a public-private partnership i.e. Co-Management System for the sustainable management system for the Sal forests
  • Improvement of livelihood of the poor people living in and around the forests and their access to fuel wood through alternative means
  • Creation of opportunities for revenue from the aesthetic values or environmental services of the forest, such as through eco-tourism development.
Progress/ Achievements (as of June 2014)

  • RDRS Bangladesh and FD jointly have established Co-management Council (CMC) with 65 members and an executive committee of the CMC with 29 members with representatives from relevant stakeholders as per Govt. Gazette notification No. pabama/parisha-4/nishorgo-64/ (part-4)/112 within the representatives from FD, government line agencies of the area, social elites and representative from the communities to support the Co-management system of Singra national park.
  • Established plantation in 50 ha of core zone with 20000 indigenous species.
  • Formed 9 Village Forest User Groups and 1 Community Patrol Group in the entire project, also has helped to establish a Union Federation (Singra Sal Bon Jibo Baychitro Sangrakkhon Sangstha).
  • Rormed an Eco-Club namely Arannayk Eco-Club by the local school student.
  • Created a Revolving Loan Fund (RFL) scheme managed by the communities through the Federation & Group with BDT 1.5 million to provide access to the forest dependent communities.
  • Reduced the rate of forest resource extraction significantly. Based on the Forest Resource Collection survey data, it has been found that in 2013, the rate of extraction has come down at half of 2012. The peak month for resource collection from SNP was February, when on an average 11496 & 8024 kg/day resources (fallen leaves, dead trees, dead branches etc) went out of the Forest in 2011 & 2012 respectively. But in February 2013 & 2014, this rate of extraction has been reduced to approximately 6402 Kg/day and 5345 Kg/Day respectively
  • Among 233 project participants 92% (215 nos households) have adopted Improve Cooking Stove (ICS) due to project interventions as well as reduce fuel wood consumption of 45%.
  • Among 233 Households 95% produced self fuel wood trees in their homestead as alternative fuel wood source.
  • 12 nos of different AIGA training has been conducted and 275 nos of direct forest dependent beneficiaries have been trained as skilled manpower. The training included Tailoring, Summer/Winter/Early Variety Vegetable Cultivation, Cow/Pig/Goat/Poultry Rearing, Improved Cooking Stove Manufacturing, Mat Making Training on stitching/weaving etc.
  • Among 233 project participants 60% people (140 from 233 nos) of the FUG members have already been diverted their previous occupation based on Forest resource extraction & reduced direct forest dependency for livelihood due to project intervention.
  • Skill development training on potential AIGAs provided to 214 members of FUG and CFPG on potential AIGAs and they adopted conservation friendly AIGAs through soft loan support from RLF; their income increased by 28% and as a result forest resource collection reduced to more than 55%.
  • Major progress/achievements:

Total area under project (ha)


Number of project participants:


Amount of RLF (BDT):


Major IGAs offered

Vegetable farming, Cow rearing, Pig rearing, Mat making, Sewing cloths, Van & rickshaw pulling, Small grocery Shop keeping, Business of seasonal fruits, Fish culture

Number of trees planted


Within forest


Within homestead


Major trees planted

Ipil-ipil, Akasmoni, Gora neem, Mahogany, Mangium, Mango and Mahogany

Survival rate:


Number of ICS provided


Contact : Mr. Shahadat Hosen, Project Manager
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