Access to Food Security and Accelerated Livelihood towards Biodiversity in Khaliajuri Upazila
Implementing Entity : Center for Natural Resource Studies (CNRS)
Location : Khaliajuri Upazila of Netrokona District
Duration : 3 Years (June 2009 to July 2012)
Budget : BDT. 5,897,100 (USD 1.00 = BDT 69.00 approx.)
Context :

Khaliajuri is one of the potential haor areas of Bangladesh, consisting swamp forest patches in some areas. This swamp forest is adapted to monsoon flooding for three to four months in a year. These patches are currently under degradation with few hijol and koroch pants. Restoration of this hijol-koroch forest is essential to protect human habitat from wave action of Khaliajuri haor water.

Objectives :
  1. To aware the importance of Hijol-Koroch plantation in the targeted area
  2. To protect the shelter homestead from wave erosion
  3. To improve the biodiversity of the targeted area towards fish breeding, bird friendly environment in the project area.
Main Activities :
  1. Selection of project participants and group formation
  2. Institutional development of groups
  3. Development of annual work plan with participation of groups
  4. Training for capacity development of groups
  5. Restoration of hijol-koroch forest and planting
  6. Monitoring of project activities
  7. Coordination with other stakeholder
Progress/Achievements (as of March 2010) :

The project site includes four villages: Lakshmiur, Rasulpur, Kristapur and Ichapur and it targets to restore stands of Hijal and Koroch trees around the villages to protect the homesteads from erosion by wave action and provide breeding ground for fishes and shelter for birds. Through motivation, SUS has organized 318 poor households from the four villages to undertake participatory measures towards restoration of the Hijal and Koroch stands around their villages and provides continuous backstopping to them through monthly meetings.

To create access of the poor community members to funds (interest free loan) for undertaking income generating activities, SUS has established a revolving fund at each village by contributing BDT 600,000 (total) from the project and initiating a participatory saving program (BDT 10-50/month) involving the group members. Out of the 318 participants, 133 (42%) have already adopted various AIG activities such as small scale business (43), weaving of fishing nets (15), vegetable cultivation (13), cow rearing (13) and fishing (12 participants). The project participants have also established 4.5 km strip plantations along the boundary of the homesteads and 1.5 ha in blocks (open haor areas) with 24,300 Koroch and Hijal saplings.

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