Inani Protected Forest Area Co-management (IPFACM) Project
Implementing Entity :

Society for Health Extension and Development (SHED)

Location : Inani, Ukhiya and Hoaikong forest range, Cox's Bazar South Forest Department, Ukhiya, Cox’s Bazar
Duration : June’09 to June’17
Budget : BDT 2, 39, 00,000
Objectives :
  • Creation and scaling up of alternative income generation options for at least 2000 forest dependent households living in and around Inani Protected Forest Area (PFA) through Community led Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) operation, kind support and community facilities development.
  • Insuring sustainability of Co-management by strengthening of the institutional systems and capacity of the Forest Department and Co-management organizations with creation of stakeholder’s joint decision making process in Inani PFA management.
  • Facilitating development of policies conducive to improved Inani PFA management and build constituencies to further these policy goals by exploring threats and opportunities through community involvement in terms of resources conservation and disseminating the findings to policy makers, key stakeholders and new generation.
  • To design and implement program of habitat management and restoration for the Inani PFA.
Progress/ Achievements (as of September 2015)

  • About 50% forest dependency for livelihood has been reduced among 1368 project primary participant,
  • About 75% project primary participants (forest dependant ultra poor community people) has developed forest and biodiversity friendly entrepreneurship through Community led Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) management,
  • 400 Community people are performing forest patrolling activities with Forest Department officials in Inani PFA (about 10,000 hectares) to check forest degradation and deforestation. From October 2011 to till date, Community Forest Patrolling Groups (CFPGs) have been seized forest goods worth of around TK 7, 00,000. About 60% illegal forest resources collection has been reduced through active cooperation of CFPGs and CMC with FD staffs,
  • A Co-management platform has been established through implementation of Collaborative forest management system and all relevant stakeholders and communities are working jointly to conserve forest and its biodiversity resources of Inani PFA
  • 4030 critically endangered plant species has been planted to enrich Inani PFA with as endangered plant species.
  • Major progress/achievements:

Total area under project (ha)


Number of project participants:


Amount of RLF (BDT):


AF’s contribution


Community’s contribution


Present RLF amount revolving


Major IGAs offered

Fish business, betel nut farming and processing, beef fattening, selling fried fish, plant nursery business

Number of trees planted


Within forest


Within homestead


Major trees planted

Chaplish, Garjan, Mehogany, Mango, Arjun, Bahera, Horitaki, Neem

Survival rate:

Short rotation Species survival rate 95%

Long rotation species survival rate 85%,

Number of ICS provided


Contact : Mohammad Zashimuddin
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