Restoration and Conservation of Biodiversity in Denuded Hills in Sitakund and Mirsharai, Chittagong.
Implementing Entity : YPSA (Young Power in Social Action)
Location : Sitakund and Mirsharai, Chittagong
Duration : : June’09 – June’14
Budget : BDT 11,610,017
Objectives :
  • Establishment of a collaborative management system (co-management) for a sizable forested area of Sitakunda-Mirsharai hills involving local communities, Forest Department (FD) and other stakeholders.
  • Restoration of tree cover and biodiversity and sustainable management of the forest.
  • Improvement of livelihood of the poor people living in and around the forests and their access to fuel wood through alternative means.
  • Creation of opportunities for revenue generation from forest recreation or eco-tourism based activities benefiting local communities (Activities addressed to FD and C
Progress/ Achievements (as of June 2014)

  • Formed 24 Forest Dependent Group (FDG), 19 Village Conservation Forum (VCF), 1 Peoples Forum, 8 Eco-Club in the School level in RCBDH project area, 1 Co-management Council and 1 Co-management Committee for Co-management of Baroyadhala National Park.
  • Established 04 Union Federation Forest Dependent Group (UFFDG) under four unions in RCBDH area.
  • Installed 50 ICS (Improved Cooking Stoves) to reduce fuel wood consumption in the project site.
  • Operated forest resource extraction monitoring in 08 exit point of the project site to observe project impact on extraction.
  • Established bamboo treatment plant in North Fedainagar, for chemical treatment of bamboo to increase its service life and reduce extraction pressure of bamboo from forest.
  • Constructed 1 CMC office building near the range office of Baroyadhala National Park which is about to be completed.
  • Conducted 35 different AIGAs training on different topics, financial management training and leadership development training to encourage FDG members to step out from forest dependency.
  • Established 4 CPG under 4 Union in YPSA-RCBDH project area and the total members of CPG is 24.
  • Average income of FDG members increased by 62%. In 2009 average monthly of FDGs members was about BDT 5465 (In Baseline survey it was BDT 4880) and in 2014 average income of FDGs members is about BDT 8857.
  • Major progress/achievements:

Total area under project (ha)


Number of project participants:


Amount of RLF (BDT):


AF’s contribution


Community’s contribution


Present RLF amount revolving


Major IGAs offered

Paddy cultivation, Vegetable cultivation, Betel Leaf Cultivation, Handicraft, Small business, Grocery shop, fruit shop, vegetable shop

Number of trees planted


Within forest


Within homestead


Major trees planted

Akashmoni, Horitoki, Bohera, Amloki, Arjun, Chikrashi, Bokaine, Mengium, Gorjon, Champaful, Chapalish, Gamar

Survival rate:


Number of ICS provided


Contact : Abdullah-Al-Mamun, Project coordinator
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