The Arannayk Foundation (AF)is soliciting proposal from competent Bangladeshi non-government organizations (NGO) for the implementation of the following project:

“Monitoring of forest conservation activities of community based organizations in phased out projects of Arannayk Foundation”

The geographical distribution of community based organizations (CBOs) is presented in the following table:


No. of phased out projects

No. of CBOs
Bandarban BandarbanSadar 1 1
  Lama 1 1
Khagrachari KhagrachariSadar 1 2
  Dighinala 1 1
Chittagong Sitakunda/Mirsari 2 21
  Patiya/Chandanaish 1 14
Habiganj Satchari 1 1
  Rema-Kalenga? 1 1
Moulovi Bazar Srimangal 1 1
Netrokona Khaliajhuri 1 1
Tangail Modhupur 1 1
Bagerhat Sharankhola 1 1
Khulna Paikgacha 1 1
Satkhira Tala 1 19
  Kaliganj 1 1
  Shyamnagar 1 1
Dinajpur Birganj 1 1
Naogaon Dhamoirhat 1 3
Total 72

A concise description of the project’s background, objectives, activities, scope/coverage, duration and budget limit (i.e., Project Summary) is presented in Annex-1.

Who can apply?

To be qualified for selection, an entity willing to bid for the project (grant) must fulfill the following pre-requisites:

  1. Having valid registration in Bangladesh as an NGO or not-for-profit foundation or Trust
  2. Having existing office set-ups in all or most of the working areas of the proposed project
  3. Having prior experience and proven track record of excellent performance in implementing similar activities as the project involves (assessment of organizational strength and weaknesses of CBOs, providing ODM training to CBO leaders, mobilizing technical support for improvement of AIGAs, promoting improved market access and value addition of AIGA products, community awareness raising in climate change and forest conservation, and coordination with Forest Department and relevant other service proving agencies)
  4. Having competent core staff to implement the stated project activities and require as minimum number of additional project staff as possible

How to apply?

The proposal should be submitted in a closed envelop marked with the project title to the Arannayk Foundation Office at Apt. 2-D, House# 21, Western Road, DOHS, Banani. Dhaka - 1206, Bangladesh. A softcopy of the same should also be sent through email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The proposal should contain the following documents:

  1. Organizational profile of the applicant (NGO) using the format presented in Annex – 2. In case of a consortium, the organizational profile of each partner organization has to be submitted (Maximum 6 pages per organization). A photocopy/scanned copy of the valid registration certificate of the organization(s) should be annexed.
  2. Technical proposal i.e., detailed work plan and methodology as per guidelines/ format presented in Annex-3 (maximum 6 pages)
  3. Financial proposal, using the format presented in Annex-4

The NGO Selection Criteria and Process

The selection of the implementing NGO shall be made by the AF Board of Directors based on the assessment of the organizational strengths,technical proposal (methodologies for implementing key activities) and financial proposal (proposed detailed budget)to be made by a team of independent reviewers followed by field verification of the competences of the applicants scoring 60 and above in a scale of 100 in the independent reviewer’s assessment. The evaluation criteria to be used by the independent reviewers (PIPET) are presented in Annex-1. The Applicants scoring 60 points and above in a scale of 100 shall with and Arannayk Foundation Secretariat (@ 60:40 weightage in scoring).

Submission Deadline

The deadline for the submission of the project is 08 July 2015.

Note: Arannayk Foundation reserves the right to cancel the whole process or to reject all or any application without assigning any reason whatsoever.

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