Together with partner organizations and local stakeholders, Arannayk Foundation has long played a crucial role in conserving and restoring forests and biodiversity in Bangladesh. In addition, working with forest-dependent communities in improving livelihood is another focusing area of Arannayk. Arannayk Foundation also strives to meet international commitments and national goals such as SDGs, Aichi biodiversity targets and the post 2020 global biodiversity framework for living in harmony with nature. See our achievements.

Making a donation to some of our most significant conservation programs is another way you can help us in our work.

Together, we can help create a better world for current and future generations.  


Why should you donate?

Prevent extinction crisis

Biodiversity conservation is a long term global effort and needs continuous support. A total of 31 wildlife species have become extinct from Bangladesh and 390 species are facing different level of extinction crisis, where 56 species are Critically Endangered (CR), 181 Endangered (EN), 153 Vulnerable (VU) and 31 species as Regionally Extinct (RE). You can protect threatened species and their habitats in Bangladesh with a donation to Arannayk’s Species Conservation Program.

Equip Community-based Elephant Response Teams (ERTs) in Mitigating Human-Elephant Conflict 

Teams of community volunteers called "Elephant Response Teams" are working diligently to save both human and elephant lives in conflict zones of Sherpur and Cox's Bazar. Your generous support can strengthen their activities. ERTs need hand mikes, searchlight, hand torch, shoes, uniform, whistle etc. 

Rewilding initiative

We have begun rewilding degraded habitats across the country, particularly in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, a biodiversity hotspot in the Indo-Burma region. We have established a nursery (GreenSpace Nursery) for threatened plant species to ensure healthy seedlings of these species. You can take part in this endeavor.

Empowering community people

Effective, sustainable, and equitable conservation practices require collaboration with the local community. We work to empower forest-dependent communities who are underprivileged in terms of livelihoods, education, health, and awareness of concurrent issues.  

You can donate your Zakat money as well to the people who need it most. 


The only way to make this happened is to take action!

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