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Forest and biodiversity conservation is at the heart of Arannayk’s work. Over the years, we launched our programs at several critically important ecosystems, degraded species habitats and some of the most challenging tropical landscapes in our country. Our multidisciplinary specialist team assess, build, and execute high impact conservation strategies using cutting-edge tools and international frameworks. While implementing programs nationwide, we engage and ensure active participation of targeted communities and facilitate collaboration with relevant government agencies, institutions, private and organizations, NGOs and local groups to secure sustainability that benefit people and the planet.

Arannayk works in different natural ecosystem areas and helps stakeholders to build sustainable natural resource management

Arannayk contributes to take climate adaptation and mitigation measures for building climate resilient communities

 Arannayk engages multiple stakeholders and institutions for ensuring good governance at reserve and protected areas.

Arannayk helps the policy makers to create, adopt and reform better policy

Arannayk contributes to the marginal communities by generating sustainable livelihood options

Arannayk takes several initiatives to adopt clean energy mechanisms by the communities 

Arannayk helps marginal communities by ensuring food security through smart agricultural techniques

Arannayk acknowledges gender identity and expression by adopting systems and processes that treat all genders equally including people with disabilities.

What We Do?

AF has so far provided 150 grants to different organizations including NGOs, government agencies and academic institutions for conservation and restoration of forests of Bangladesh. The major areas of interventions include...

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