Current Projects


Arannayk Foundation is implementing USAID Ecosystems / Protibesh Activity in Bangladesh as one of the partners of Chemonics to improve ecosystem conservation through strengthening environmental governance and management, reducing threats to biodiversity, and supporting market-based incentives in and around key biodiversity areas of the country. The AF is responsible for supporting a network of co-management organizations (CMOs) that will leverage advocacy for improved governance and exchange of knowledge for sustainable natural resource management.


  • 700,000 hectares of key biodiversity areas under improved management, mobilize
  • $15,000,000 of additional investment will be mobilized
  • 800,000 people will be economically benefited

Arannayk Foundation is working to achieve the result 2 - Threats to Biodiversity Mitigated

Intervention Approaches

  • Establishing a national co-management network
  • Initiating a national co-management executive council
  • Facilitating regional co-management clusters
  • Capacitating local and national officials in-network/cluster coordination
  • Entitling CMC focal persons for Special Monitoring and Reporting Tool (SMART)
  • Piloting Open-Data Kit for fish catch monitoring and data visualization in selected wetlands for integration into Fisheries Resources Service System (FRSS)