Current Projects

Assessment of Aquatic Resources of the Sundarbans

Funded by the Bangladesh Forest Department, under its “Protection of Sundarbans Mangrove Forests” Project, Arannayk Foundation, in collaboration with the CNRS (Center for Natural Resources Studies), has been implementing the “Assessment of Aquatic Resources of the Sundarbans” study.

The overall objective of this assignment is to assess the aquatic resources of the Sundarbans especially the fish, crab, and other important aquatic fauna to ensure the conservation and sustainable use of coastal biodiversity and ecosystem services, which will be considered/ incorporated in management strategies of aquatic resources of the Sundarbans.

The specific objectives will include a) identification of the aquatic biodiversity of the Sundarbans; b) assessment of stock of major commercial fish species in the Sundarbans; c) assessment stock of commercial crab species in the Sundarbans; d) identify suitable breeding ground and breeding period of important aquatic species; e) A recommendation of banning period of crab harvesting; f) assess the stock of other aquatic species (dolphin, mollusc, crustacean); g) assess the impact and present scenario of 18 restricted canals in the Sundarbans; h) assess the impact of salinity & climate change on the aquatic resources of the Sundarbans; i) assess the impact of water pollution on aquatic resources of the Sundarbans; and j) provide recommendations for sustainable annual catch/ better management of aquatic resources of the Sundarbans considering existing rules-regulations, management interventions, dependency of local people, sustainable livelihoods.

This project will contribute to the achievement of SDGs 12, 13, and 14 (Responsible Consumption and Production, Climate Action, and Life Below Water).