Current Projects

Market Study for wood chips, saw dust and other wood products including furniture (demand and supply)

The project is funded by Bangladesh Forest Department under SUFAL project, aimed to comprehensively analyze the existing and potential demand for wood products and the supply potential of the government forests (plantations), private forests, and imported wood as well as and forecast future scenarios under various influencing factors within the country over the next ten years. This project also includes policy and regulatory review for enhancing domestic production and export.


  • To conduct a market study for wood chips, saw dust and other wood products, including furniture (demand and supply)
  • To review and make recommendations for updating policies and regulatory reforms to ease procedures, costs, and barriers for tree growers, sawmill owners, and exporters
  • To develop and operationalize an online wood-based market information system, including a mobile app with a database of wood processing units based on the survey (demand, supply, and forecast of timber) used by the stakeholders.
  • To conduct a feasibility study on the adoption of forest management e.g., Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)/Pan-European Forest Certification (PEFC). 

Expected Outcome

  • Development of Online Wood-based Market Information System
  • Mobile Application for nurseries and wood processing units
  • Feasibility Study on the Possibility of Establishing Marketing Cooperatives of Social Forestry Groups
  • Feasibility Study for Online Service on Import-Export and Timber Auction Market of Forest Department
  • Feasibility Study on the Application of Blockchain to Secure Value Chain for Wood Supply